[sugar] How to try TamTam - noob questions (sorry!)

imm ian
Sat Aug 25 06:34:40 EDT 2007

On 24 Aug 2007, at 20:31, imm wrote:

> Well, on this second box, TamTam runs without background buzzing and
> clicks, and when I exit it, it actually terminates cleanly. I can
> even restart it without it hanging up.
> So... I guess I have to assume the sound hardware on the first box is
> causing difficulties...
> And in the meantime I have a platform (albeit v.slow!) I can move
> forward with... I wonder if the first box would be happier with my
> old iMic as a sound card?

In case anyone is following this - I have done some experiments with  
my old Griffin iMic too, and it manifests the same behaviour on that  
particular box... So, there seems to be something bad about how that  
particular box is setup wrt Csound.
The consequence of this is that TamTam gets "confused" - with sound  
cards disabled on this box, TamTam starts/quits/restarts fine (but no  
sound comes out of course!)
With *any* sound card enabled, TamTam starts (and clicks  
continuously) but hangs up when I try to quit it, and will not then  

But this is not a TamTam issue, there is something awry in my  
soundcard config.
I'm now trying to find bits for a third box, for yet another take on  

> On 24 Aug 2007, at 17:24, Mike C. Fletcher wrote:
>> We found clicky-poppy-loopy-static-y effects on my normal (non-XO)
>> laptop when trying to run csound audio.  We 'fixed' it by specifying
>> largish buffers (-b2048 -B2048) in our code[1].

OK, I've started reading up on this, although I'm not sure if I'll be  
able to take advantage of that, I don't know if/how/where Sugar/ 
TamTam adjust the Csound buffer sizes...

Also, from my reading - should "B" not be set to the next power  
bigger than "b", e.g. -b2048 -B4096 ? Or do I have more reading to do?


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