[sugar] How to try TamTam - noob questions (sorry!)

imm ian
Fri Aug 24 15:31:16 EDT 2007

On 24 Aug 2007, at 17:24, Mike C. Fletcher wrote:
> We found clicky-poppy-loopy-static-y effects on my normal (non-XO)
> laptop when trying to run csound audio.  We 'fixed' it by specifying
> largish buffers (-b2048 -B2048) in our code[1].  From our reading  
> of the
> docs/forums it seems that this kind of system-specific  
> configuration is
> often necessary to get csound to behave (hence having flags on the
> command line for tweaking the values in the standard file-playing
> tool).

Well - it does seem that my sound hardware may be (at least partly)  
at fault for my problems... I have been building sugar on another  
(older, even lower spec) box. That build finally finished, and I  
copied the TamTam-35.xo compressed bundle I made for the original box  
onto that and installed it.

Well, on this second box, TamTam runs without background buzzing and  
clicks, and when I exit it, it actually terminates cleanly. I can  
even restart it without it hanging up.

So... I guess I have to assume the sound hardware on the first box is  
causing difficulties...
And in the meantime I have a platform (albeit v.slow!) I can move  
forward with... I wonder if the first box would be happier with my  
old iMic as a sound card?

Thanks to everyone who has helped with suggestions,

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