[sugar] How to try TamTam - noob questions (sorry!)

Luke Hutchison luke.hutch
Wed Aug 22 14:48:52 EDT 2007

I don't see a number of the standard activites in sugar-jhbuild, including
TamTam.   Do I need to point my sugar-jhbuild at a different conf file or
something to get more than the default 43 modules?


On 8/21/07, Nathana?lL?caud? <nat-list at studioimaginaire.com> wrote:
> Do you have access to IRC ?  If so, I can help you troubleshoot, I'm
> usually on
> #olpc, #sugar and #tam_tam on freenode, my nick is Flipo.
> TamTam had some troubles in the latest releases of Sugar.  Updating sugar
> to the
> latest version (sugar-jhbuild update and then sugar-jhbuild build) might
> solve
> the issue.
> Nat
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