[sugar] How to try TamTam - noob questions (sorry!)

imm ian
Sat Aug 25 16:43:08 EDT 2007

On 25 Aug 2007, at 18:34, Bert Freudenberg wrote:

> On Aug 24, 2007, at 8:58 , imm wrote:
>> Here's a bit of a story. In short, it kinda works, but...
> Sounds encouraging, actually. What other packages needed to be
> installed before this worked? Csound I assume - is that in Fedora 7?

To get to where I am, I took a PC I had that was running FC5, and  
upgraded that to FC7, just using the standard FC7 install mechanism.  
That PC already had a lot of "media" related packages installed,  
including Csound. The updater seems to have correctly updated  
everything I had. Note that Csound is available on FC7 via yum, so is  
relatively easy to install.

After that, I just used "sugar-jhbuild update" to download all the  
sugar packages then "sugar-jhbuild build" to attempt the build - at  
that point sugar-jhbuild told me about a load of dependencies I was  
missing, so I just used yum to resolve all those dependencies and  
thereafter building sugar itself more or less worked.

After that, I installed TamTam into sugar using the sequence outlined  
in my earlier post... I have now been through this process on two  
different boxes, with slightly different end results. The difference  
seems to be specfic to the config of each box I suspect but I don't  
yet know in what way.

So: On one box TamTam seems to be working absolutely fine, on the  
other it now runs, but clicks loudly, which makes it pretty unusable,  
and refuses to terminate cleanly. This second box has been tested  
with both it's internal sound card (some SIS on-board item) and with  
an external USB sound card (Grffin iMic) and the behaviour is the  
same with both. Both these boxes are a bit old and "low end" by  
modern standards (albeit higher spec than an XO, at least on paper.)
I am currently in the throes of converting my "good" box to FC7 to  
see how that behaves - always nice to get another opinion.
Hope that all makes some sort of sense, and is helpful!

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