[sugar] How to try TamTam - noob questions (sorry!)

Edward Cherlin echerlin
Tue Aug 21 17:20:04 EDT 2007

If you are still having trouble, make a copy of the Live CD for your wife.
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Live_Cd It boots and runs TamTam fine on my Linux
Laptop, on Windows PCs, and even on x86 Macs. I find TamTam and eToys to be
the best programs to demo at conferences and user group meetings.

On 8/19/07, imm <ian at imm.uklinux.net> wrote:
> All,
> Sorry for the noise - the following questions are probably all
> embarrassingly obvious to every one but me. And this is probably the
> wrong list to ask on anyway...
> But here goes: First, my state so far.
> My wife's a music educator, working with younger kids, and I am
> trying to get TamTam running for her to try out. My initial idea was
> to make it as much like the XO environment as I could manage, so I
> installed FC7 on an old ITX PC I had, then used sugar-jhbuild update/
> build/run to get a working "XO" running in Xephyr. This seems to have
> been largely successful.
> However, the default sugar-jhbuild checkout does not include TamTam,
> so I then git cloned TamTam from the repo and manually copied that
> into a TamTam.activity folder in my built tree.
> When I run my "XO" I see the TamTam icon, but launching it (usually)
> the icon appears and pulses, with a tooltip that says "Starting..."
> pretty much indefinitely. No activity appears, and there is no sound.
> Sometimes, the icon stops pulsing then disappears, and the speakers
> start buzzing. No activity appears.
> Clearly, then, I am doing something wrong. Now, some questions.
> - I had a trawl around the wiki before I started this. I didn't find
> any instructions to get this working - is it (as I suspect) there and
> I just missed it? If so, where, please?
> - If I start TamTam from the developer console using sugar-activity,
> I get roughly the same behaviour, but I also see that TamTam is
> complaining it can't load the sounds. Which is fair enough, as I
> don't seem to have them. I don't see the sound files in the git tree
> either - where do I get them? (Actually, I think I saw something
> about this in my wiki/mailinglist reading earlier, but can not now
> find the reference...)
> - I'm using the csound that's on my machine - should I be getting an
> olpc specific csound from the repo and using that? If so, how do I
> install it in my build tree?
> - Would I be better off just trying to run TamTam "natively" on the
> linux box? If so, pointers as to how to do that would be very welcome
> (although I'd prefer the sugar setup if possible.)
> (drifting OT now)
> - When I run sugar-jhbuild build, I get errors flagged at build (and
> install) of libabiword-plugins, and errors flagged installing chat-
> activity - is this normal? I assume it is because the master tree is
> in constant flux and I just caught it at a bad time?
> - Is it possible to (e.g.) set git checkout stable and get sugar-
> jhbuild to checkout and use the last stable tree rather than the
> changeable master tree? (I know nothing about jhbuild, or how it does
> what it does - seems quite impressive though!) Would that be a better
> way to go, or is the master tree the preferred set to be working with?
> Right - well that was longer than I intended. Please be gentle when
> telling me I'm an idiot and have missed some really obvious reference...
> --
> Ian
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