[sugar] A few more toolbar buttons for AbiWord?

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpg
Sun Nov 19 06:49:30 EST 2006

msevior at physics.unimelb.edu.au wrote:
> Hi everyone,
>             I'd like to move forward on what is needed for AbiWord on OLPC.
> In particular I thought you might like a few, (up to 3), more toolbar
> buttons.
> These might be:
> 1. A font combo button.
> Kids love choosing fancy fonts for their work. So we could give them this
> option if wanted.
> 2. Collaboration.
> This will allow kids to start/stop a collaborative editing session with
> each other. Teachers could also drop in on the document creation process
> and maybe offer suggestions. kids will be able to find one another via the
> presence service and connect via direct TCP/IP.
> 3. Insert Table widget.
> This allows kids to insert a table of the required dimensions into their
> document via a mouse. I think is rather intuitive.
> Other than this I guess we'll keep working on the Crossmark
> import/exporter and fix bugs.
> Please let us know what else is needed and if you think any of the extra
> buttons I mentioned are needed.


did I dream it or we had mockups for the text writing activity at some 


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