[sugar] A few more toolbar buttons for AbiWord?

Eben Eliason eben.eliason
Sun Nov 19 10:24:15 EST 2006

> > 1. A font combo button.

Marco, you're right.  We actually do have a screenshot somwhere of
what this could look like.  I'll dig it up and add it to this thread
when I get a chance.

> > 2. Collaboration.
> >
> > This will allow kids to start/stop a collaborative editing session with
> > each other. Teachers could also drop in on the document creation process
> > and maybe offer suggestions. kids will be able to find one another via the
> > presence service and connect via direct TCP/IP.

You shouldn't need a button for collaboration, since the entire OS is
being built with that goal in mind.  You should simply build
collaborative editing into the activity.  The Sugar OS handles the
rest, and will provide a button for inviting others to join, a button
for sharing with the class, and even a BBoard layer on top of the
activity that's useful for providing suggestions and such.  The HIG
outlines the ways these types of things will work; If you haven't seen
it yet, I recommend giving it a read even though it's still in early


> > 3. Insert Table widget.
> >
> > This allows kids to insert a table of the required dimensions into their
> > document via a mouse. I think is rather intuitive.
> >
> > Other than this I guess we'll keep working on the Crossmark
> > import/exporter and fix bugs.

If the table widget can be made intuitive, then I see it as a useful
addition.  The other factor that makes me think it should be included
is the fact that you intend to support crossmark.  Since crossmark
supports tables, it seems AbiWord will have to as well to match the

- Eben

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