[SoaS] SoaS test cases

Mel Chua mel at melchua.com
Mon May 3 01:19:22 EDT 2010

> To easy the on ramp, please provide a wiki-based interim drafting area
> for the documentation much like the Teaching Open Source Textbook
> Project, http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/Textbook_Release_0.8.

Is there an easy way to convert mediawiki to docbook xml? I'd love to
have a more easily editable development location for the final
PDF/html content (to be frozen for distribution once per release, just
as the release is), and my concern is the amount of effort needed to
transfer wiki changes to the docbook xml we need, particularly if we
want to preserve the attribution of commits. I'm looking at docbook
editors (for instance, http://vex.sourceforge.net/) that might make
this easier, but nothing jumps out at me so far.

The TOS textbook was written on the wiki and then frozen and
painstakingly converted to docbook xml by hand - it was a nontrivial
more-than-full-day task for an experienced docs person, and I'm not
sure we have someone who can step up to do that right now (if anyone
is willing, that'd be great!)


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