[Marketing] [IAEP] [SoaS] A proposal from Trisquel (Was Re: [DP] Announcing the creation of a SoaS Decision Panel)

Rubén Rodríguez Pérez ruben at gnu.org
Fri Oct 2 21:20:52 EDT 2009

El vie, 02-10-2009 a las 20:40 -0400, Caroline Meeks escribió:
> Thanks Ruben Great news!
> I think besides freedom the other word that comes to mind is Power.
And a lot of it!
> To see a room with 25 old computers and monitors on all day and I
> think all night...that is a waste of Power.  Replace those with a
> server and give the individual computers to kids who don't have one. 

Several kinds of power are mixed here.

We are using small x86 based thin clients in our tests, and depending on
the models you choose you can save up to 90% of the power, heat the room
a lot less, and work in complete silence, as they are fanless.

LTSP is also useful if you don't have the power to replace the old
computers, as they will work nicely as thin clients even if they are 10
year old, if they are capable of booting via pxe.

>  To give a child the ability to continue work on their creations, be
> they art, music, programing, writing etc., from any computer at mom's
> house, dad's house, grandma's, day care, the library, that is giving
> them Power.

And giving them a live usb drive allows them to carry Sugar too!
> I'd be interested in knowing the legal ownership of elementary school
> work products.  But even if they have a legal right to them they have
> no Power to exercise it. When kids move often even the test scores and
> report cards that adults consider important are not transfered to the
> new school.  Who will advocate for giving a child their computer files
> off of the server?
That is why I said it is not being addressed enough. It will be a bigger
problem in the future, and some privacy issues are also involved. I'm
sure FSF will advocate for this rights.
> Where are you from Ruben?  Do you have large numbers of transient
> families in your area? Its a huge problem in urban areas of the US.  I
> read that in a city in NJ a teacher on average only about half the
> kids in an elementary school class are in the same school at the end
> of the year.

I'm in Spain. I'm not a teacher, but I think it is not a problem here.
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