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Fri Oct 2 20:40:32 EDT 2009

Thanks Ruben Great news!
I think besides freedom the other word that comes to mind is Power.

To see a room with 25 old computers and monitors on all day and I think all
night...that is a waste of Power.  Replace those with a server and give the
individual computers to kids who don't have one.

 To give a child the ability to continue work on their creations, be they
art, music, programing, writing etc., from any computer at mom's house,
dad's house, grandma's, day care, the library, that is giving them Power.

I'd be interested in knowing the legal ownership of elementary school work
products.  But even if they have a legal right to them they have no Power to
exercise it. When kids move often even the test scores and report cards that
adults consider important are not transfered to the new school.  Who will
advocate for giving a child their computer files off of the server?

Where are you from Ruben?  Do you have large numbers of transient families
in your area? Its a huge problem in urban areas of the US.  I read that in a
city in NJ a teacher on average only about half the kids in an elementary
school class are in the same school at the end of the year.

Thanks, :)


2009/10/2 Rubén Rodríguez Pérez <ruben at gnu.org>

> > Will you be working on an LTSP Sugar?  LTSP has amazing benefits on
> > cost of ownership when you view it on a per computer basis.
> Sugar is already working in our Trisquel edu based LTSP server. :)
> >
> > I'm hoping we eventually get an LTSP/USB solution that still lets the
> > student take their environment with them out of the school, to after
> > school and home.  Because we need to look at not just the cost of
> > computers but the benefits of giving students ownership of their work
> > and the freedom to work on their projects beyond the hour a week their
> > school might give them in the computer lab.
> >
> We still need to polish some things, and the usb support was not tested
> in deep, but LTSP clients can already mount usb drives in the server, so
> it should be transparent for the user. I'll do some tests the next week.
> > I think its feasible to create but I'm not sure if anyone is working
> > on that solution yet.  I know it may not be in your priority list but
> > I thought I'd put the idea out there because you could view it as a
> > freedom issue.  The way thin clients are implemented in schools the
> > student's work is controlled by the school. When they are not in the
> > building and especially if they don't have good internet access they
> > can't access their work or the code.  If they move and leave the
> > school they usually lose access to their work forever.
> I fully agree. And thin clients sure are in our priorities.
> There are also some issues with copyright that are not addressed enough,
> regarding the ownership of the works of the students. I don't know about
> the schools, but in a lot of universities the distribution rights of the
> student works are shared -or owned by the university-, which is a bad
> idea and can cause a lot of problems specially if the work is a program.
> I think the students should always keep the control of their work.

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