[Marketing] [IAEP] A proposal from Trisquel (Was Re: [SoaS] [DP] Announcing the creation of a SoaS Decision Panel)

Sean DALY sdaly.be at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 16:57:08 EDT 2009

Rubén, this is great news and very exciting.

I look forward to checking out your work!



2009/10/1 Rubén Rodríguez Pérez <ruben at gnu.org>:
>> > I have no illusions about the difficulty of jumpstarting an
>> > ecosystem, but since that is necessary to the success of Sugar, we
>> > need to make it happen.  I have ideas for plans for that too
>> > [...other ideas for plans]
>> That's all great but it boils down to what I said: we can't do it now,
>> where "we" is Sugar Labs and "it" is: create better distro than
>> Fedora-ish and service that distro with distro-vendor-quality support
>> and infrastructure.
>> So I propose we come up with some way to do it (ibid.)  to propose to
>> SLOB or we get real should say we're not going to do it (for now).
>> Either is better than the status quo of not doing it and pretend that
>> we are
> I'm still a newbie here, but let me propose an idea. Feel free to
> discard it if it's inappropriate.
> In the project Trisquel we've just made our own -still unnamed as a
> project- version of a "distro for Sugar", and it has all the features
> you were talking about in the last days, including a disk installer,
> live cd with persistence, live usb with persistence, live usb graphical
> creator, Sugar style artwork, LTSP support, unattended installation...
> Coming soon we will have unattended distributed installation using pxe.
> We are going to maintain this project no matter if it is used by SL or
> not. And as an important feature, Trisquel is fully libre and endorsed
> by the FSF. We are open -and looking forward- to collaboration with SL.
> We don't want to compete with other projects like SoaS -we will not use
> that name either-, in fact I'd like to thank the SoaS authors, as I'm
> sure their work made it easier for us to make our version.
> My only intention with this message is for you to know our alternative.
> We are distro hackers -I don't like the "vendors" moniker-, so we have
> the skills and resources required, allowing you to focus on the Sugar
> development. Now that the initial tasks of our project are done, the
> maintenance will be easy. In fact, we will start publishing nightly
> builds with the latest Trisquel updates and the latest version of the
> Sugar components. We hope it will be a tool for developers and testers.
> You can find more info here: http://trisquel.info/en/trisquel-sugar
> Rubén
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