Sugar Labs logo for first 100 SoaS USB sticks

Sean DALY at
Thu Feb 26 17:00:44 EST 2009

Hi Christian

I'm looking at branded USB stick possibilities - we are going to
jumpstart with an initial order of 100 for April 1st as per the
marketing meeting two days ago

Your logo guidelines page is great
(, I like the different
color combinations although I wonder if we shouldn't make a "default"

I have a concern though concerning USB sticks - as they are tiny, I'd
much rather choose brightly colored sticks we can put the logo on,
than just black or white sticks. The idea would be to go to the
opposite side of the color wheel from XO green, to purple/violet/blue
sticks. Not too light though, so the grey "labs" will remain visible.
What outline/fill colors would work best do you think? I'm looking at
the black square 12 variant

What's your recommendation?



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