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Sean DALY at
Thu Feb 26 14:45:07 EST 2009

Yes Tomeu, it's clear they have put a lot of work into those
guidelines, I am sure we will find lots of usefull stuff in those

Mozilla marketing has been excellent from the start, I was encouraged
enough to sign the v1.0 New York Times ad manifesto (with a couple
thousand others ;-) four years ago, when their goal of 10% marketshare
seemed so ambitious. They developed a great logo and have kept it
stable, which is key in building brand equity; when they did change
it, it was just a subtle tweak:

Of course, as always, marketing is easy when the product is fabulous:
multiplatform, easy to install, configure, use, and upgrade, with
clear user benefits :-)


P.S. I had the opportunity to interview Tristan Nitot of Mozilla
Europe at last year's FOSDEM
( and I
found his enthusiasm infectious - Mozillans are passionate!

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