Topics & deliverables from Marketing IRC meeting 02-24-2009: Gearing up for Sugar 0.84 launch!

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Wed Feb 25 18:20:22 EST 2009
(scroll to [11:10:11], the log was apparently appended to a previous
meeting from the 19th?)

Greetings all,

Here is a summary of yesterday's IRC meeting, any assistance in
answering the unanswered will be most welcome!

We discussed four topics:

1. Make SL press-contactable
2. Ambassadors
3. Sugar on a Stick (SoaS)
4. Sugar Stories


1. Make SL press-contactable - frontline phone number(s) for journalists to call

Context: When, from time to time, there is news (and next news phase
will be very very soon with Sugar 0.84 release), journalists working
under deadline will appreciate having a phone number to call for rapid
response about basic information, or clarification after an e-mail
exchange, or contacting interviewees, etc. This phone number can be
part of the PDF press release letterhead I will be put together this
week (note: Street address will be SFC). Perhaps, a phone number for
the US and one for Europe; or, a single phone number which ideally
could be forwarded to Europe during working hours then the US during
working hours each day. Google's beta Grand Central does not forward
outside the US which seems to rule out that solution. I mentioned the
possibility of getting a US-based GSM ($$$ roaming charges when used
in Europe, but if infrequent could be a cost-effective solution).
Bernie mentioned adding extensions (forwarding) to his Asterix PBX; as
I am not (yet) an expert on VOIP solutions I'd ask Bernie to please
let us know how that could work?

There was some discussion of organizing volunteers to man the phones
during a news phase, but I myself don't think that would be a good use
of hacker's time, and I think Walter and myself could cover daily
low-volume news contact and would need maybe only 1 or 2 others from
marketing during a news-intensive period.

On another topic, I have compiled a list of over 70 education-oriented
publications, portals, and journals
for PR contact. Mel magically wikified the list
(, which is a
great idea as I hope to expand that list to include publications in
Europe, South America, Africa, etc. To that end, it would be helpful
to find volunteers willing to do the occasional short text of press
releases in es, de, pt (other languages?) (I can do fr). Tomeu
mentioned that the translators team may be able to handle that,
confirmed by unmadindu (if not at the last minute, comment by Walter
as well).

2. Ambassadors - for local advocacy, staffing conference booths, etc.

David mentioned Fedora's Ambassadors program
(, Mel cited the example of
Ubuntu LoCo teams ( and also
global/local orgs such as Rotary, Habitat for Humanity, Boy Scouts /
Girl Scouts etc. John mentioned university groups
( A first step will be
to collect links of local groups which may be enthusiastic about
Sugar. Rafael mentioned that it has been proposed that local Labs
focus on educational aspects. Mel will take on Local Labs nurturance
and pinging as a project - thanks Mel! Tomeu pointed to a useful page
at Local Labs can be
sources of vital feedback - as per last week's meeting I will work
with Tomeu on the teacher feedback aspect.

3. Sugar on a Stick (SoaS) - status, obtaining USB sticks

Context: Chicken/egg; sticks will ease Sugar fundraising, but funds
needed for sticks. Possibilities being followed up with stick makers
(Pantone; Emtec; Kingston?); potentially with office supply stores
(Caroline mentioned
Corporate branded sticks acceptable on case-by-case basis, but
naturally ideal situation will be Sugar Labs branded sticks.

To solve the chicken/egg problem, I will create a Sugar Labs brochure,
a one or two-page PDF suitable for printing and handing out. Working
on that will be parallel inline with preparing the press release short
summary of Sugar Labs, and the elevator pitch for teachers. By next
week, for 0.84 launch!

100 sticks are urgently needed for April 1
so we have time to individually flash them. I will work on that,
probably with a US supplier directly to avoid unnecessary costs/delays
with shipment, customs etc. It's my goal to obtain branded Sugar Labs

4. Sugar Stories

Tomeu spoke of publishing stories about people that have done cool
stuff in the Sugar Labs community. I think this is a super idea, Mel
proposes we find five people's stories to have online by next week for
the 0.84 launch as an anchor to our call for volunteers in PR &
marketing brochure.


I'll be honing my primitive wiki skills this week, and circulating
draft text for the brochure and 0.84 launch PR...

Next week's meeting will be Tuesday, March 3rd, at 1600 UTC on, channel #sugar-meeting.

Sugar 0.84 PR launch is high priority now!


Marketing Coordinator

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