[IAEP] SCaLE 17X March7 -10, 2019

Caryl Bigenho caryl at laptop.org
Thu Dec 20 16:38:59 EST 2018

Hi Folks,

Enough folks expressed interest in Sugar Labs participating in SCaLE 17X to warrant signing up for the FREE booth they are offering us. Now, we have about 10 weeks to "get our act together!"

We need to decide what aspects of Sugar Labs and other OLPC related projects we want to show... such as School Servers, Sugarizer, RPi projects, Music Blocks, XO deployments around the world, etc. We also need people who know about these things to attend. We do have a few local volunteers who will help, but some are not always aware of all the things Sugar Labs does and sometimes are unable to answer questions.

We need to decide what specific things to show and recruit people to come to Pasadena to attend and help out with the booth. SCaLE is like a gigantic "job fair" and showcase for everything open source. It is also a really great time to get together and have fun with other open source advocates from all over the West (and the world). If you have never been to a SCaLE event, take a look at last year's program and schedule here: https://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale/16x You will be able to see what kind of presentations and activities they have along with a list of the exhibitors. We did not participate last year... for the first time in several years). Everyone who comes and does their share working on the booth will get a FREE FULL CONFERENCE PASS.  Here is the list of the speakers lined up for 2019: http://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale/17x/speakers

We also need to decide on a possible new banner for the booth or whether we might just use the one we already have. See the attached photo of the booth at SCaLE 15X. If we want a new one, we should get a design and order it right away. It always costs less if you order early. The one in the photo lists most, but not all, of the various organizations and projects that are offshoots from, or related to, the old OLPC organization. Thus, the title "olpc 2.0."

SCaLE is in Pasadena again this year. There are a couple of hotels close by and they usually offer a small discount to conference attendees. There is also the possibility of some of us getting together and renting a large house in the area via AirBnB or one of the other rental companies. Availability for these right now is excellent, but I expect they won't last long. If folks would like to do this, we need to move on it soon.

Let's make this happen!

Caryl Bigenho (unofficial SCaLE 19X booth chairperson... unless someone else wants to do it!)

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