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Hi Again...

Tony Anderson would like to see us keep this discussion on the iaep list, and I agree with him. If there are really 240 subscribers, please let's hear from more of you! This is all about "marketing" Sugar and everyone should have an interest in that! (See the PS below)

Let's discuss the banner. I "created" it back in 2014 with the help of several other people... I think Tony Anderson and Adam Holt were among them. The object of calling it "olpc 2.0" was not to any way detract from "OLPC", as a matter of fact, we still have a table-size banner with the original OLPC logo and use both of them at the same time at SCaLE. Think of it as "olpc 2.0" representing all of the "children" of OLPC! They are the offshoots. "olpc 2.0" is what brings them all together as one "family" with OLPC as the "patriarch." Can some one come up with a replacement that conveys that same spirit?

Or, we can just keep the "olpc 2.0" and use it on a new banner (you will notice, we purposely used a different font and rearranged the OLPC colors). There are many other organizations using "OLPC" in their name.. OLPC-France and OLPC-SF for example, so "olpc 2.0" should not be a problem.

In addition to having at least one entity that is no longer active, the current banner is missing several others that have started since 2014 that should be included. It's definitely time for an update.

The size of the SCaLE booth is 10' by 10' so the banner has to be at least 8' wide to look good. The current one is made of a lightweight non-woven fabric that resists wrinkles and can be folded fairly small to fit in the outside pocket of a suitcase. We took it that way to LinuxFest Northwest a couple of years ago. It would be good if any new one we get would be similar so it could be shared, even by mailing or UPS or FedEx to whomever may need it to have at other events.

Alex Perez, if you have a connection that can print for us, great! Otherwise, we can get bids from several printers. I paid for the two original banners, "OLPC" and "olpc 2.0", but maybe SugarLabs would like to sponsor it this time?


P.S. Remember, "iaep" was an acronym created by Mel Chu to remind us of what we are are really about. It stands for: It's An Education Project!

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Caryl & others,

I have removed all of the recipients who are already members of the IAEP mailing list from the CC: list, so they do not receive duplicate e-mails.

I will be in attendance at SCaLE 17x, along with my wife, who is currently a first grade schoolteacher, and has taught second grade, kindergarten, and pre-K here in California. Since this is a volunteer-run, kid-friendly event, it has a fairly different emphasis than a lot of other Linux-oriented conferences.

Since there are nearly 240 subscribers to the IAEP mailing list, I would like to propose we peel off the discussion of the specifics to a general-purpose "events" mailing list, with only the people who actually wish to be involved in the specifics of this discussion. I can set one up easily, and we can continue discussion there. Thoughts?

On the subject of the banner, see below...

Caryl Bigenho wrote:

We also need to decide on a possible new banner for the booth or whether we might just use the one we already have. See the attached photo of the booth at SCaLE 15X. If we want a new one, we should get a design and order it right away. It always costs less if you order early. The one in the photo lists most, but not all, of the various organizations and projects that are offshoots from, or related to, the old OLPC organization. Thus, the title "olpc 2.0."
I am strongly in favor of _not_ re-using this banner, for a few reasons:

- It has at least one domain on it that is no longer functional
- planet.sugarlabs.org lacks quality content these days, and I really don't think we should be encouraging people to visit it
- "OLPC 2.0" is a bit of an odd term, and since this was a proposed/prototyped piece of hardware at one time, if people googles the term, they get nothing useful. Furthermore, since the OLPC Foundation still is a legal entity which exists, and holds a current, valid trademark on OLPC,  I am against using it on signage, without the express written consent of OLPC, Inc, which is based in Miami.

I would personally prefer to emphasize "Sugar Labs" logo, and have it be most prominent. If I print the banner, are there any objections to that? Do you or does anyone else know who created the banner used at SCaLE 15x? Just curious.
SCaLE is in Pasadena again this year. There are a couple of hotels close by and they usually offer a small discount to conference attendees. There is also the possibility of some of us getting together and renting a large house in the area via AirBnB or one of the other rental companies. Availability for these right now is excellent, but I expect they won't last long. If folks would like to do this, we need to move on it soon.

Let's make this happen!

Caryl Bigenho (unofficial SCaLE 19X booth chairperson... unless someone else wants to do it!)

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