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On Tue, Oct 10, 2017 at 7:31 PM, Ryan Cunningham <
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> Dear Sugar Labs,
> I would like to propose several enhancements to the Sugar user
> interface, as follows:
> (1) An addition to the Frame, allowing the user to see the date and
> time from within Sugar. This should be in the form of a clock in the
> bottom right of the Frame, between the network and display panels.
>     When clicked or hovered over, the clock should display a panel
> reading as follows, from the top down: (A) Aligned to the left, a
> descriptive title reading "Clock". (B) A separator. (C) Aligned in the
> center, the current date and time, displayed according to the system
> regional preferences. (D) Another separator. (E) Aligned to the left,
> a menu entry reading "Date and Time Settings" (with an icon to the
> left if desired), which should open the "Date and Time" panel in My
> Settings.
> (2) Enhancements that allow better interaction with Sugar with a
> screen reader and/or without a mouse:
> (A) Every non-text element of Sugar's user interface should have a
> descriptive title readable by screen readers.
> (B) The keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Tab (or another that you devise) should
> move between areas of focus (for example, the activity toolbar and the
> body area[1] of the activity, or the entire activity and the Frame).
> (C) In a toolbar, pressing Tab, Shift+Tab, Left, or Right should move
> between the toolbar's items; pressing Enter should activate any item;
> pressing Down should reveal a sub-toolbar beneath a selected item (if
> there is one); pressing Down again should highlight the first item on
> the sub-toolbar; and pressing Up or Escape should hide the
> sub-toolbar.
> (D) Pressing Tab in the Frame should move the focus clockwise;
> pressing Shift+Tab should move it counter-clockwise. The focus should
> start in the upper left. Pressing Enter on any item should activate it
> (or de-activate it, if it is already active). Pressing Up or Left on
> an item that brings up a menu (depending on where the item is in the
> Frame) should select, respectively, the last or first entry in that
> menu. Pressing Escape should hide that menu; pressing Escape (or F6)
> again should hide the Frame.
> [1 In case of the Browse activity, the "body area" would be the
> browser viewport showing the Web page currently being viewed.]
> Sincerely,
> Ryan Cunningham
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Would be helpful if you added your ideas to the wiki:




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