[IAEP] [Sugar-devel] New ASLO Project Definition

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Fri May 19 06:31:42 EDT 2017

On Fri, May 19, 2017 at 03:21:03PM +0530, Jatin Dhankhar wrote:
> Hello Chris,

Please continue to CC sugar-devel at lists.sugarlabs.org for developers.

>     Welcome to the Sugar Labs community, When reworking ASLO (a very
>     valuable project), please do keep internationalization (i18n) and
>     localization (L10n) in mind.  You may or may not know that we do host
>     PO files for L10n of NewASLO on our Pootle translation server:
>     [1]https://translate.sugarlabs.org/projects/NewAslo/
> Yes, Tony discussed the same points regarding i18n with me earlier on email.
>     I think you are familiar with Pootle. The trick with Django is that the
>     display of strings is indirect.
> Pootle is built upon Django, so it should be readily available and easy to
> plug.

I agree.  Django apps are easily internationalised.

>     Sam Cantaro mentioned using webhooks to notify ASLO when a new activity
>     version has been released. Perhaps such a hook could be used to notify you
>     of the need to review localization for the activity and another hook to
>     notify ASLO to update the bundle to integrate the localization.
> I think this is the right approach. 
> From the conversations so far and looking at the [2]ASLO 3 Proposal, we are
> using webhooks to notify ASLO of any changes, whether it is adding a new
> activity, or updating an existing one. I have one question, how will an
> activity get approved prior to it's release on ASLO ?
> Suppose a developer wants to create a new activity and upload it to
> ASLO. Of course, prior to release, the activity needs to be
> verified/moderated. Will be there an intermediate step? Since
> developer needs to be member of sugar-activites organization to
> publish an activity there or will there be another repository
> containing names of verified repo, which build server will check on
> each webhook ? 
> What I suggest is to use the Pull request reviews to moderate an
> activity and when an activity is signed off as okay but X number of
>  senior members then only it should be considered for ASLO.

That would work, but it sounds difficult to communicate and implement;
there are not enough senior members.  ;-)

We also can't trust GitHub to keep that UX stable.

> My main query is, how we will accomplish moderation and publishing
> to ASLO using Github as a tool ? I might be wrong about the whole
> moderation thing but a healthy discussion will hopefully lead us in
> the right direction.

What we have now is a moderation queue in a PHP application; perhaps
we don't need a moderation or approval at all.  That would simplify
the activity release process by one step.

We already have patch review; much better moderation or approval than
we had before.

Let's drop the moderation and approval requirement.  Leave it to the
image builders if they want to go further.  Speaking as an image

James Cameron

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