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Hi Folks...
Just curious, but what were the outcomes of the project at GPA? Was donated hardware acquired as suggested? Was SOAS used extensively and with what measurable results? Is the project continuing? What is its current status?

At this point, it seems the focus might appropriately be changed to supporting Sugarizer, which can run on any devices a school, or the students happens to have, and on IIAB which can deliver Sugarizer and other important educational resources on an ongoing basis.
Additionally, I feel there is an urgent need for documentation that will help people use Sugarizer and the individual Activities included. People can download it "for free," but  they probably have no clue what a powerful tool they have, literally, in their hands, nor do they know what they can do with it. I have some ideas for this but will save them for another time.
Just sayin' 😊


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On Sat, Feb 13, 2016 at 12:09 PM, Nick Doiron <ndoiron at mapmeld.com> wrote:
That's great news. Is this specifically for localizing Sugar OS and the core activities, or can it be applied more generally to Haitian Creole language resources for Sugar / Sugarizer ?I think the spirit of the Trip Advisor grant is such that it could be applied more generally to Sugar / Sugarizer resources. We need to define a scope of work as per the other i18n contracts we have written. Something along the lines of:
Exhibit A – The Proposal
Conservancy agrees to pay the Contractor Milestone Fees according to the following schedule,contingent upon the receipt and approval of Milestone Submissions corresponding tothe Milestones listed below. For the purposes of this Agreement, Contractor is to providesufficient internationalization and localization services to prepare the Work for use in theAymara language, in compliance with ISO 639-1 Code “ay”.
All of Contractor’s services for the completion of these Milestones shall be prepared forsubmission to the Sugar Labs: Translation System server, which can be found online here:http://translate.sugarlabs.org/.
1. Milestone 1.Contractor is to complete translation of the Sugar and the Sugar toolkit projects, whichare collectively comprised of approximately 100 words.sugar: http://translate.sugarlabs.org/ayc/sugar/sugar-toolkit-gtk3: http://translate.sugarlabs.org/ayc/sugar-toolkit-gtk3/Milestone Fee for Milestone 1 = $100 USD.
2. Milestone 2.Contractor is to complete translation of the Music Blocks translation project, which iscomprised of approximately 100 words.The Music Blocks translation project can be found online here: https://github.com/walterbender/musicblocks/blob/master/po/ayc.poMilestone Fee for Milestone 2 = $100 USD.
There are a few other details to sort out in setting up a contract, including copyright assignment and proper licensing. All pretty straight forward once we actually have translators identified.
Happy to answer any questions.
On Feb 13, 2016 8:38 AM, "Walter Bender" <walter.bender at gmail.com> wrote:
Haitian was not mentioned specifically in the Trip Advisor grant, but we did allocate funds (still unspent AFAIK) for Haitian Creole. Love to invest in that effort if you can identify someone to do the work.
On Sat, Feb 13, 2016 at 11:21 AM, Nick Doiron <ndoiron at mapmeld.com> wrote:
Hi Walter and SLOBs,
In 2013, I was asked to participate in a Haitian Creole translation program with SugarLabs, TripAdvisor, and EducaVision. Predictably, there was a trivial software issue and I never saw this work completed.
I did release a Sugar activity which is on "HaitiOS" laptops today, and a static HTML+JS app which you can access here https://github.com/mapmeld/diy-dictionary
I don't see Haiti mentioned in your TripAdvisor email.  I have friends still working with Sugar in Haiti, so I'm curious, is money still allocated for Haitian Creole? After 3 years, can another Creole translator be selected? Thanks.
Regards,Nick Doiron
On Sat, Feb 13, 2016 at 9:35 AM, Walter Bender <walter.bender at gmail.com> wrote:
I was asked to repost the statement of work from the Trip Advisor grant. Here it is:


are two specific goals for the Tripadvisor grant:

Broaden the reach of our indigenous language support. Currently we
have language projects in ~150 languages (for example, we cover
Aymara, Quechua, Gurani and other languages of the Andes region). But
the problem is enormous: for example, in Nigeria, there are more than
300 languages spoken. We only have partial coverage in four of these
languages. We need to push much harder on making Sugar be available
in the local language of the learner; this requires both outreach and
coordination that is above and beyond what we can support strictly
through our volunteer efforts. So we are hoping to establish a seed
fund to help with translation efforts: augmenting the efforts of our
volunteers with some professional translation services in Latin
America, Africa, and South Asia.

(2) Support for a major
new outreach initiative we are launching in October 2013. We are
celebrating International Turtle Art Day (Turtle Art is a programming
environment for children that is one of the cornerstone apps bundled
with the Sugar platform.) We are trying to:

* Promote the use of
Turtle Art (We have three million users, but would like to double
that number over the next three years);

* Share and promote best
practices (We want to ensure that our users are getting maximum value
from their investment of time);

* Celebrate projects for
children and teachers (We want to bring children together to their
local venues and connect them globally through a shared project site
to their peers as a way of encouraging them to push themselves
further -- creating a network effect around learning

Internationalization and localization are
on-going efforts for us and areas we take quite seriously. As we
expand to more regions, the need to develop and sustain local
localization teams is paramount to reaching more children with our
learning tools. We would use the Tripadvisor donation as the initial
basis of a fund to help

translation efforts both targeted
opportunistically by Sugar Labs and on demand by our user community,
with an emphasis on expanding our reach in Africa.

Art Day is scheduled for October 2013. (We already have venues lined
up in the United States, Peru, Colombia, Nicaragua, Paraguay,
Uruguay, Nigeria, India, and Australia). We hope that Turtle Art Day
will be an annual event, celebrated simultaneously in 100s of venues.
We are asking TAMG to be the inaugural event sponsor and to help us
establish a framework by which it can be readily replicated in the
coming years.

The internationalization and localization
work would be overseen by Chris Leonard, the Sugar Labs
Internationalization Team leader. The management of the funds would
be overseen by the executive director, Walter Bender, who also
happens to be the lead developer of the Turtle Art program. Sugar
Labs will provide Tripadvisor with detailed reports on all spending.regards.
Walter Bender
Sugar Labshttp://www.sugarlabs.org


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