[IAEP] sugar numbers

Dan Tenason dan.tenason at mail.ru
Mon May 25 06:59:33 EDT 2015

> Dan - if you are sincerely interested in the numbers, why don't you write
> to the education ministries? In serious research, as in serious journalism,
> you need to consult official sources.

> Sean Daly (no "e") I would like to thank everyone for their responses. They findings of Mr Holt, Ms Edwards-Thro, and Mr Silva correlate with my own findings in those countries, less than 100% of XO laptops are in daily use.

How long will the website will continue to state 3 million users when that number, and the method used to calculate it, have been shown to be overstated. Is dismissing the questioner as a troll an academically honest solution to resolving the discrepancy?

Dan Tenason
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