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Hi, Caryl

Etoys is also supported by a web site: http://etoysillinois.org/ which 
is somewhat comparable to the Scratch site. If Etoys to Go works on an 
XO, then the contents of the usb drive could be copied to a folder on an 
XO and run from there. The 10 videos from Waveplace provide an 
approachable introduction to Etoys and are on the school server. 
Perhaps, some additional videos are needed to introduce other features. 
As Bert pointed out years ago, EToys has built in tutorial projects in 
addition to those at Illinois.

I am becoming more curious about this topic. Perhaps someone has some 
technical details on what Fedora has done to break etoys and why.


On 03/05/2015 02:44 AM, Caryl Bigenho wrote:
> Hi...
> Some thoughts about Etoys:   Tim Falconer and other folks at Waveplace 
> (deployments around the Caribbean) have made excellent use of Etoys 
> and have made a series of lessons about its use available at:
> http://www.waveplace.com/courseware/basic-etoys/
> However, I don't recall seeing anywhere that they use many other parts 
> of Sugar with the students. So the question could become: does Etoys 
> need to be "packaged" with Sugar.
> Something to consider in answering the question is that Etoys is 
> available in a very portable version as "Etoys to Go": 
> http://www.squeakland.org/download/ One nice feature about Etoys To Go 
> is that you can put it on a thumb drive and move it from a Linux 
> machine to a Windows machine to a Mac machine and the files will all 
> be readable and usable! Also, it leaves nothing behind on the host 
> machine. It is all on the usb drive!
> We can thank Bert Freudenberg for that! I'm adding him to this 
> conversation so he might be able to give us an update on the latest 
> news from Etoys… is a version for Android and/or IOS coming that would 
> also be as portable as the current Etoys To Go? Universal portability 
> would be a wonderful goal (for Sugar too)!
> Personally, like Sora, I have found the Etoys learning curve a bit 
> steep. Once I did a workshop about Etoys To Go for a roomful of 
> tech-saavy teachers. They just really didn't get it.  I also tried to 
> contribute to a project where some folks were making some science 
> lessons in Etoys… but found it really difficult to get it to do what I 
> wanted it too.
> Yet,  my favorite little ecology simulation is an Etoys featured 
> project "Fish And Plankton". It is great fun to experiment with and 
> can teach some powerful lessons! 
> http://www.squeakland.org/showcase/project.jsp?id=7303 Try letting it 
> run overnight with different starting parameters and see what 
> happens…. fun!
> Caryl
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> Subject: Re: [IAEP] Future Direction
>         If we abandon etoys to maintain compatibility with Fedora,
>         what has the end-user gained?
> We (SugarLabs) don't abandon etoys to maintain compatibility with Fedora.
> Fedora request a change on etoys, but Bert (who maintains etoys) is 
> working for free,
> then we can't force him to dedicate hours to work on that.
>         Would a GSOC effort be better devoted to moving from Scratch 1
>         to Scratch 2 than rewriting imageviewer?
> I don't know. Scratch 2 use Flash and need Adobe Air, then we need 
> check how works in the XOs.
> I have read Scratch team is working in HTML5 version, that would be great.
> About rewrite imageviewer, if we want allow use Sugar to kids without 
> XOs,we need move forward to HTML5/Js.
> Maybe Image Viewer is not a prioritary activity,
> but is a good task to introduce developers because is relatively easy.
> Anyway the proposed tasks for GSoC are only a start, you can propose 
> other, and we will need do a selection
> when Google define how many projects will fund.
> Gonzalo
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