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Wed Nov 28 15:34:08 EST 2012

Hi Pedro

The main target audience for the XO laptop and Sugar is primary school, grades 1-6. Younger children will have difficulty using a computer. Many of Sugar's Activities are usable by older children, I think Sugar still quite suitable for grades 7-8. Older children may find the Sugar desktop restrictive and want to use the Gnome desktop for some tasks such as access to the underlying file system.

Children in grades 5-6 are probably the most productive, the desire to experiment and create seems to peak around these years.


I'm a teacher and I am going to do master's thesis on the use of Sugar
Activities (games).
Can anyone tell me if there is any recommendation on the appropriate ages
for activities (games)? Or do you consider this as an opposition to
constructionism and the freedom of choice of the child?
Where can I get more information on this subject?
Sorry for my english.

Thank you very much,

Pedro Martins

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