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Tue May 1 18:52:22 EDT 2012

On my experience inside a classroom the less you demand the less you get,
and children feel stimulated and encouraged by challenges. I really don 't
believe that  laurels or emeritus rights are any good at all.
( I think only very extraordinary contributions deserve to be taken that
way )

Having the obligation of re earning the right of being a member can be more
atractive for some volunteers.

  There iis a

> natural cycle in volunteer FLOSS projects like Sugar that some members
> of the community will become less-active or even inactive with time.
> The only real exception with regards to "activity level" status is
> explicitly mentioned in the Code of Conduct.  If you have taken on
> responsibility for a community resource or function, it is only proper
> that you provide clear notice if you will not be performing that
> function in the future so that the community can identify a successor.
That is accurate, but on the other hand as I understand Ubuntu uses the
Ubuntu Launchpad Karma Number to calculate contributions and that number
decreases with inactivity.
As I read in ubuntu.org.uy/
"esta puntuación se llama Karma y cada vez que hacemos algo colaborando con
un proyecto nos dan puntaje, y si estamos mucho tiempo sin hacer nada, se
nos resta, esto es así para alentar a las personas que son constantes y
para que los usuarios nuevos puedan alcanzar a los usuarios avanzados."
" this number is called Karma, and every time we do something collaborative
we raise that number and otherwise when we spend too many time doing
nothing we lower that number,  this is so to encourage people to be
perseverant and to make possible that new users can catch up with
experienced members"

 As for voting
> status, I am not in favor of a one or two year "re-qualification"
> criterion.

> Every member must "vote their conscience" and if in your case that means
> choosing to
> exercise your right as a community member to NOT vote, then that is
> fine too, but I would not have you feel any less than a full member of
> our community.

 Voting is mandatory in Uruguay, maybe I am too used to that way of voting.

> If it would help feel like you have "re-earned" that  right, you are
> always welcome to contribute from time to time as a translator on
> Pootle.  :-)
> I guess i will have to do some working before the end of the year... to
ease my own questionings...

Besides having or not the chance of voting,  I feel that for Sugar it could
be good to have some "active" status of membership that stimulate
volunteers to keep up with contributions.
A sum of small efforts sometimes a difference :)  Best wishes to all !

> Warmest Regards,
> cjl
> Sugar Labs Translation Team Coordinator
> http://translate.sugarlabs.org/
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