[IAEP] Etoys or Scratch?

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Mar 6 06:32:43 EST 2012

Excellent discussion! 

I'll just comment on one thing though:

On 06.03.2012, at 12:04, Steve Thomas wrote:

> Importing Pictures (non XO comparison as I do not think you can drag Pictures onto Scratch or Etoys on the XO):
> 	• Scratch: You can drag a picture onto Scratch and the picture is added to the costume list for the current sprite/background you are editing.
> 	• Etoys:  You can drag a picture onto Etoys and it becomes a new object.

In Sugar (XO or otherwise) you can, in fact, import pictures by dragging. It's just that because you do not see two windows at the same time, you will have to drag it out of one activity into the frame's clipboard section (the left edge), switch to the Etoys activity, and drag it from the clipboard into Etoys. Actually I just tried dragging from Browse to the frame which does not work anymore. But you can right-click the picture and choose "Copy" from the menu, which adds it to the frame's clipboard. Alternatively, choose "Keep" which adds it to the Journal. Then, in Etoys, click the "insert object" toolbar button to directly insert images from the Journal.

- Bert -

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