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How can the laptop be used to play DVDs?  I am sending the document below
around the world and I would like to tell people how to use it to play them.

Ken Hargesheimer


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DVDS for Education and Training

A CD holds 650 MB.  The Bible is 1.4 MB.  Therefore, *a CD holds 464 copies
of the Bible.  A DVD holds 3,000 copies of the Bible.  A dual layer DVD
holds 6,000 copies of the Bibles.*

Just imagine what would happen if every school, church, village, library,
etc in the bush of Africa, the jungles of Latin America and the mountains
of Asia had a computer and DVD library.  The internet is not necessary and
is expensive in some areas.  People can study for hours on a computer using
DVDs with little or no cost.  Thousands of DVDs are available on hundreds
of subjects and many are free.  I have farming DVDs.  Whatever a person
wants to learn is available on a DVD.  HHTwebsite copier [free] can be used
to download websites into a computer from the internet.  Use CDburner XP
[free] to burn to a DVD.

7B people are on the earth and 2B cannot read [400M in India. 2M in the
USA] but they can be educated using video/audio DVDs.  Blind and deaf
people can be educated.

Movies could be shown to the public for a fee to help with the cost.  Rent
it to people studying vocational DVDs.

All computers operate internally on 12 v.  Those without electricity use a
computer, internally altered, to operate directly on 12 v. from a battery
with a solar charger [email for instructions].  A pedal*/*powered generator
can be used to charge the battery.  This opens up a whole new way to

*School in a Suitcase:*
http://winministries.org/website/index.php/nation2nation, a religious
group,has hundreds of schools in many countries; over 100 in Cuba.   A
person with a computer [operating on 12 v.], printer and DVD library can
travel from place to place, on a schedule, to teach and train people.  This
is a very simple, inexpensive, effective way to educate children, youth and
adults   Use a bicycle or a bicycle and trailer for transportation.

*Mobile schools: *

Vietnam*:*  Computer literacy is a luxury.  The Dariu Foundation provides
computer training to kids in remote villages using a mobile school equipped
with computers, internet access and access to e-library containing DVDs in
agriculture, animal feeding, etc. Not only kids but clients benefit from
this school. Dariu.org

* *

India*:  *

Kenya*:*  Education for pastoralist communities.

Ken Hargesheimer

   - curriki.org [K-12]
   - world-virtual-school.com <http://www.world-virtual-school.com/>
   - e-learningforkids.org <http://www.e-learningforkids.org/>
   - inacol.org <http://www.inacol.org/>
   - edublogs.org
   - hippocampus.org/ <http://www.hippocampus.org/>
   - nrocmath.org
   - oercommons.org/ <http://www.oercommons.org/>
   - Khanacademy.org [free courses. Can be downloaded on to DVDs and used
   - icr.org/essentials <http://www.icr.org/essentials/>  Creation science
   - olpcnews.com <http://www.olpcnews.com/>  [laptop computers for
   - http://one.laptop.org/about/mission
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