[IAEP] Sugar as a Mac Ap?

Valerie Taylor vtaylor at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 10:42:23 EDT 2012

Thanks Raffael. Seems pretty useful after a quick look.

How hard would it be to make an iPhone version too? We are trying to
get the bar as low as possible. We have kids and schools with very
limited resources who see the possibilities. An old iPhone with a
cracked screen ($8 on eBay) can still connect to wifi at school and in
the public libraries as well as download wonderful free standalone

There are several easy to use tools to create custom webapps, too, so
more educators can create and customize the learning experience.

It isn't Sugar or XO but it does allow a large population of kids in
the US to have most of the advantages of the OLPC vision.

>As some kind of starting point I did a simple kids
> webbrowser for iOS maybe you would like to have a look on it in iTunes
> App Store it is called: "Kiosk Lite".
> Regards,
> Raffael

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