[IAEP] [Sur] Riots in La Paz: Bolivians don't want Classmates, no no no!

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> Because they do not like the Intel Classmate computers the City
> Government of La Paz gave them, on Tuesday Sept 27 the La Paz union of
> parents of schoolchildren blockaded the main highway between La Paz
> and El Alto, with one woman injured due to the tires being burned.
>  "they are made in China and designed to last only one year", is said
> about these laptops in the linked article, with a  picture of one of
> the Classmate units.
> http://eldiario.net/noticias/2011/2011_09/nt110928/5_03nal.php
> (some of us don't like the Classmates, but to go out and riot because
> of that, I believe is a first)
> (of course things are a bit more complex, because it mostly has to do
> with who got "bought" by Wintel and who didn't get the sweet - no one
> in the debate, on either side, cares much about deeper issues of
> reliability, relevance, responsibility - I've met personally the
> people in the City Government, and can vouch of this, alas)
> (the mention of China as country of origin proves how much knowledge
> is owned - at my last meeting there what seemed to be the biggest
> argument against the XO by the BO Ministry of Education was that in
> Rwanda they are used as home lights by people who have no electricity
> at home - why that is an argument against, really  beats me)
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After reading twitter I most say that this article seems to be very
missleading. From doing some searches much of the blockage and
manifestations has to do with the indigeneous repression and nothing about
the laptop. When I search for Bolivia + rechazo I got most of the claims
about the abuse of the indigenous people.

When I tried Bolivia + laptop/computador(a)/classmate returned 0 results in

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