[IAEP] Riots in La Paz: Bolivians don't want Classmates, no no no!

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Thu Sep 29 09:18:04 EDT 2011

/>On 29/09/2011 12:31 a.m., Yamandu Ploskonka wrote:
 >FOSS people have "liberated" many Classmates. /

For what I  Know You don't have to "liberate" a Classmate.
In Uruguay on 2010 Plan Ceibal bought 18.000 Classmates II 
<http://rapceibal.ning.com/forum/topics/laptops-para-educacion-media> (called "Magallanes", for high schools), and you 
don't have to "liberate" anything, they are machines that you can install what you want, or boot with a pendrive, like a 
normal Computer.

The software that comes now is Ubuntu (with admin access), with Etoys, , GEogebra, MAthGraph32, Tuxpaint and a Sugar 
that can only runs TurtleArt. Those machines are almost identical to the Classmates II of Argentina 
<http://www.conectarigualdad.gob.ar/sin-categoria/exo-x352x355/>, where children can install anything

Paolo Benini
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