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Hi Nick,
These things are all really good and much needed. But these are personal goals. What goals would you try to have Sugar Labs achieve if you are elected?  For example something about facilitating the distribution of SoaS via model deployments, exposure at teacher's conferences such as ISTE, NAIS, and the like. Good grief... if I had the time I would run myself! 

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> Subject: [IAEP] SugarLabs Candidacy - Supporting Info
> I want to follow up on requests made for candidates to have plans if
> elected to the SugarLabs board.  To keep it short, I'll write three lists
> with two items each.
> 1) Outreach to other education programs
> - Mozilla Drumbeat. Connect http://hackasaurus.org and Mozilla's growing
> education community with our Sugar community.
> - Citizen science groups. When I was supporting an OLPC class in
> Cambridge, Cornell's program was interested but wanted to reach more Sugar
> users.
> 2) Supporting science classrooms
> - Explain how to build simple sensors for programs such as Flower Bridge (
> recently featured on http://blog.laptop.org )
> - Write lesson plans for experiments that use only a few materials, such
> as these: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User:Ndoiron/SocialCalc also available
> in Mongolian: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User:Ndoiron/SocialCalc/Mongolian
> 3) Encouraging literacy over the web
> - Identify English and Spanish reading materials appropriate for school,
> and make the list prominent on SugarLabs wiki and homepage.
> - Suggest materials from NaNoWriMo, get students' work posted on school
> servers or on a major deployment's website
> http://ywp.nanowrimo.org/how-does-nanowrimo-work-for-educators
> Regards,
> Nick Doiron
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