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Christoph Derndorfer e0425826 at student.tuwien.ac.at
Mon Nov 7 08:04:55 EST 2011

Hi all,

Sascha, you make an excellent point here, I was thinking along the same 
lines when I re-read the various candidate statements this morning.

Personally I'd also be interested in taking this one step further and 
creating a lively debate. Two ideas I've been thinking about are:

(a) An IRC discussion with all the candidates next Tuesday or Wednesday 
before the election starts. This would give all Sugar Labs members a 
chance to directly interact with the candidates by asking questions. 
Additionally it could lead to some interesting discussions among the 
candidates whereas I fear that discussions here on the list will be more 
unidirectional (e.g. with the candidates simply answering the questions 
Sascha mentions below but not commenting on each other's answers and ideas).
(b) Organizing a Skype, Gtalk, or Google+ Hangout session with the same 
purpose. While text-based communication has some advantages (e.g. it's 
easy to search, reference, etc.) I personally really like hearing 
people's voices and real-time reactions to discussions and arguments.

For all these things we could use a wiki page or even something like 
Google Moderator (http://moderator.appspot.com/) to collect questions 
from the community in advance.

Thoughts anyone?


Am 07.11.2011 12:21, schrieb Sascha Silbe:
> Dear SLOB candidates,
> I've read your announcements with interest. They all explain well
> where you're coming from and "who" you are. What I'm missing, however,
> is what you want to *do* during your election period.
> I'm aware that the SLOB isn't supposed to do much (and agree on this
> philosophy), but even within that framework there are possible nuances
> that could guide me as to who to vote. Right now I only see a set of
> long-term, active contributors, *each* of which I trust to have the best
> interests of Sugar Labs at heart.
> What do you see as current issues of Sugar Labs and what are you going
> to do to solve them? (For some issues, "staying out of the way" might be
> a valid answer).
> What else would you consider a good reason for me to vote you?
> Sascha
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