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Mon Nov 7 08:12:34 EST 2011

On Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 8:04 AM, Christoph Derndorfer
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> Hi all,
> Sascha, you make an excellent point here, I was thinking along the same
> lines when I re-read the various candidate statements this morning.
> Personally I'd also be interested in taking this one step further and
> creating a lively debate. Two ideas I've been thinking about are:
> (a) An IRC discussion with all the candidates next Tuesday or Wednesday
> before the election starts. This would give all Sugar Labs members a chance
> to directly interact with the candidates by asking questions. Additionally
> it could lead to some interesting discussions among the candidates whereas I
> fear that discussions here on the list will be more unidirectional (e.g.
> with the candidates simply answering the questions Sascha mentions below but
> not commenting on each other's answers and ideas).
> (b) Organizing a Skype, Gtalk, or Google+ Hangout session with the same
> purpose. While text-based communication has some advantages (e.g. it's easy
> to search, reference, etc.) I personally really like hearing people's voices
> and real-time reactions to discussions and arguments.
> For all these things we could use a wiki page or even something like Google
> Moderator (http://moderator.appspot.com/) to collect questions from the
> community in advance.
> Thoughts anyone?
> Cheers,
> Christoph
> Am 07.11.2011 12:21, schrieb Sascha Silbe:
>> Dear SLOB candidates,
>> I've read your announcements with interest. They all explain well
>> where you're coming from and "who" you are. What I'm missing, however,
>> is what you want to *do* during your election period.
>> I'm aware that the SLOB isn't supposed to do much (and agree on this
>> philosophy), but even within that framework there are possible nuances
>> that could guide me as to who to vote. Right now I only see a set of
>> long-term, active contributors, *each* of which I trust to have the best
>> interests of Sugar Labs at heart.
>> What do you see as current issues of Sugar Labs and what are you going
>> to do to solve them? (For some issues, "staying out of the way" might be
>> a valid answer).
>> What else would you consider a good reason for me to vote you?
>> Sascha
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+1 to discussion/debate among the candidates.

As a candidate, I feel somewhat conflicted in setting the campaign
rules. I suggest we let the Membership committee, which runs the
election, decide the details.



Walter Bender
Sugar Labs

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