[IAEP] Feedback needed: pippy use cases?

Anish Mangal anish at activitycentral.org
Tue Feb 22 23:03:15 EST 2011


As Pippy maintainer, I'm looking for inputs as to how is Pippy
intended to be used in a classroom environment and how is it currently
used. In particular:

1. What grades use Pippy? Could it be used in lower grades with some
changes? If so, what could be the nature of those changes?

2. Collaborative code editing? How much is it actually used? What
could be made better?

3. Sharing/reviewing of examples by other kids/teachers?

4. Would more explanatory code comments in Pippy examples help?

5. Would having a central repository of having pippy code examples
help... For example, the ability to download/upload to a url like

6. Would it help to have the examples in different languages wherever
possible (spanish, for example)?

Inputs will help guide future releases of Pippy.


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