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Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 15:24:55 EDT 2011

*Laura Vargas* wrote:

>Dear Friends,
>The sugar translation marathon was called Miski Pachamama [sweet earth]
>2010. We are currently looking forward for a second and third versions,
>where we would love to translate sugar to other native languages, starting
>with Shippibo, Ashaninka and Arawak.

Dear Laura amd colleagues at Somos Azúcar,

I would very much like to develop closer collaboration between Somos Azúcar
and the Sugar Labs Translation Team.

You may know we host our localization (L10n) efforts on a Pootle server:

and that we have a list for coordinating L10n efforts:

I was very happy to learn that Aymara and Quechua L10n work has been done
and I would love to see it uploaded to the Pootle server



As for your planned efforts in other indigenous languages:

Shipibo-Conibo    shp
Ashánink    cni
Arawak    awd (a grouping of 73 languages)

We would be happy to establish hosting for them on our Pootle server and to
discuss strategies for off-line translation and upload, but that
conversation should be taken to the L10n list so it can benefit from the
cumulative experience there.

Warmest Regards,

cjl at laptop.org
vounteer Sugar Labs / OLPC / eToys Pootle administrator
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