[IAEP] Community Deployment MAP SPRINT - Dec 27-31 in Boston

Holt holt at laptop.org
Fri Oct 29 17:20:34 EDT 2010

Talented social cartographers & deployment folks from across the 
OLPC/Sugar community will be fly to Boston Dec 27-31 -- to physically 
map our geo-social fabric of small/medium/large implementations in 
completely new ways -- on and around CMU/Nick Doiron's rapidly evolving 
global deployment/volunteering map:


Just like a Book Sprint (writing an entire book within a week, like 
http://laptop.org/manual) we will beautify, rigorize and publish this 
community product within 5 business days.

We are looking for our very best talent globally to join us, to lay 
critical seeds Connecting-The-Dots of learning/deployment/content 
knowledge globally, starting with one single student's social map -- 
that has already powerfully captured the popular imagination of 
deployments worldwide, since its alpha-launch in San Francisco last week.

SAVE THE DATE, and RSVP early to confirm your (a) contribution and (b) 
spot!  We have a long way to go, and need your help.  The venue will 
likely be OLPC's headquarters, in Cambridge, Massachusetts or a nearby 
university -- both very conveniently transit-accessible to Boston's 
airport "BOS".  Details to follow later in November, off of this page:


Thank you to the organizing volunteers (email beautify at olpcMAP.net) 
already INvesting so much of their personal/family resources, flying in 
during 2010's Season of Giving, just 2 months away now, to celebrate a 
Cause They Believe In.  That cause being to grow our community of 
face2face deployment doers, with new volunteer/internship opportunities 
None Of Us Have Yet Imagined.  So far we have these powerhouse 

     Nick Doiron (Pittsburgh/NH)
     Marina Zdobnova (Russia, sort of!)
     Kurt Maier (Indiana)
     David Farning (Wisconsin)
     Walter Bender (Boston, partial attendance)
     Caroline Meeks (Boston, partial attendance)
     Claudia Urrea (Boston, partial attendance)
     Reuben Caron (Boston, partial attendance)
     Adam Holt (Boston)
     (Special Chicago guest/s from http://IITempoweringHaiti.org !)

_Please spread the word to our most effective global contributors now_.  
I with match up rich volunteers with poor, just as I did in 
http://olpcSF.org/summit, to make sure housing and a few _select 
airfares are covered, when truly exceptional talent is demonstrated_.  
See you there!!
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