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*Where have you seen evidence of this?*
In a partial sense : We have seen it in the DBF OLPC deployment at Goa India
(105 XOs )  at Our Lady of Merces High School, where we did not wait for
teachers to be trained. There are sometimes over 50 kids to a class and the
teacher though present in the classroom is absent to the child.
We had many issues of resentment initially by giving the laptops to the
kids  and concurrently working on the training of teachers...but once the
teachers got used to the idea that it's OK to learn some of the functions
from the kids and that they really have a larger role to play, learning
became excitng for the teachers too.

In the mean time kids continue to discover, sometimes ahead of the adults.

This said our team in India is focusing on teacher training while we wait
for laptops to get to the kids and my colleague Rekha tells me that they've
covered  approx. 180 teachers with basic Sugar and other Free software


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> Zitat von John Watlington <wad at laptop.org>:
> There is no argument that a great teacher influences many
>> children in the right direction.
>> But such an effort to improve teachers is completely orthogonal
>> (i.e. independent) to both Sugar and OLPC.   Better teachers
>> are needed whether or not the kids get laptops.
> +1
>  Should OLPC or Sugar Labs consider developing and disseminating, this
>>> teaching style, and a curriculum for training teachers?
>> "The teachers must be trained first" is a line frequently used to
>> delay deploying the laptops.
>> Presenting it with Sugar or OLPC would be a disservice, IMO.
>> Sugar and OLPC have the most to offer in classrooms where
>> the teachers are horrible or missing.
> Where have you seen evidence of this?
> Thanks,
> Christoph
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