[IAEP] Dumb Questions... Input Wanted... Please Discuss!

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 27 16:04:17 EDT 2010

Hi All...

Here are some "dumb questions" for you. In a couple of weeks I will be doing a 2-hr hands-on workshop (at the CUELA Tech Fair) about OLPC, Sugar, and open source software teachers may want to try with their classes using the computers they already have at their schools. I would like to give them a CD or DVD with the files they would need to make their own USB sticks. I will also be showing them the online sites for Etoys and Scratch.

I was thinking of including at least one version of SoaS, a copy of Virtual Box for Mac users, Live usb creator for SoaS (with text files telling how to use them), and Etoys-to-go.

Please jump in with comments and suggestions for these questions. Please put your response under the question it applies to, for ease in reading and feel free to add to and comment on others responses:
Is there anything else I have missed that should be included?

Can they create the usb sticks from the files on disk? 

Can I include a live CD image on the same disk?

Could the same disk serve as a live CD and hold the other files?

I  made a "live" SoaS once with the Fedora Live usb creator on a friend's PC. It works on my eeePC.

How do you make the Etoys-to-go usb from a file on a disk? Does it need the Live usb Creator?

Can it be done on a Mac? 

Will it work if they just copy the file onto a usb?

What version of SoaS is really the most stable? (I know I will get different opinions here... but I would like your input).

We will have the XO-1s from the CUELA XO library (I hope) and a mix of XO-1s and XO-1.5s from my "Roadshow In a Box" for the hands-on lab. Teachers will be invited to use their own laptops if they like, but the purpose of the hands-on part is to introduce the Activities.

Has anyone done an introductory workshop like this for classroom teachers?

If so, which Activities worked the best in the workshop?

Did you use 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 (or more if there are too many people) so they can help each other?

If you haven't done such a workshop, which Activities do you think I should consider including?

There will also be a 1 hr presentation where I will talk about OLPC, SugarLabs, volunteering, the Contributors Program, and sales.  Is there anything else I should mention?

Thanks in advance for your comments!  When I get this all figured out, prepared, and presented, I'll post it as a resource for anyone else who would like to use it.


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