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Tabitha Roder tabitha.roder at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 02:50:56 EST 2010

> Are you talking about me and SCaLE 8X?  I don't think the projector will
> work with an XO. The XO doesn't have a port for the projector dongle does
> it?  I plan to make my presentation from slides I already have plus a few
> new ones.
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Peripherals/Projector

> I will admit that I am not a purist. When the presentation program in Open
> Office kept crashing during the prep of my first slide show, I finally gave
> up in frustration and went out and bought "Work" for my Mac.  I can
> comfortably make a nice presentation in "Keynote" and then export it to ppt,
> pdf, or open office and use it there.
> I have a Mac and use Keynote sometimes.  I also use google presentation so
I can work collaboratively (as I am with the next olpc / sugarlabs
presentation for LCA2010 in a week).

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