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Are you talking about me and SCaLE 8X?  I don't think the projector will work with an XO. The XO doesn't have a port for the projector dongle does it?  I plan to make my presentation from slides I already have plus a few new ones.  
I will admit that I am not a purist. When the presentation program in Open Office kept crashing during the prep of my first slide show, I finally gave up in frustration and went out and bought "Work" for my Mac.  I can comfortably make a nice presentation in "Keynote" and then export it to ppt, pdf, or open office and use it there. 
At SCaLE it has to be run on one of their machines with open office. I think they will also allow pdf. I'd better check to be sure.  Maybe I could run it from Open Office on my Mac. I'll have to check.
Doesn't look like we will have a SugarLabs booth at SCaLE... unless someone commits in the next few days. Too bad. It's free!
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BTW: I thought you're making your presentation on your XO. :)
Hummmmm... is there a PPT type presentation program for the XO?  Will it drive a projector for projection on a large screen?  Maybe next time.  It would be a great idea if it is do-able. The learning curve would probably be too long for the one next Sat. but Feb is a possibility... if all the needed pieces are there.

try turtle art portfolio, Walter wrote that so he could present in Sugar 

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