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Hi Support Gangers and IAEP friends,

Adam suggested I send you all a copy of my itinerary for our trip to South America.  I guess this is supposed to be so you can help my "clients" if something comes up while I am gone. 

I will be taking my Mac and probably an XO.  I may also take a Sugar LiveCD and a usb drive with SoaS. There will be free wifi in all the hotels we are staying at but on the cruise ship it will be very expensive! I will probably temporarily cancel my mailing lists to cut down on the volume to my mailbox, but you all will have my direct email address if you need it for something urgent. Just put *** at the start of the subject so I will spot it right away (see the subject of this message to see what I mean).

So here is my fun (make you all jealous) itinerary:

Jan 19-22 	Stopover in Dallas area to visit with family there 

Jan 22-23 	Overnight flight from Dallas to Buenos Aires, and summer!

Jan 23-26 	Buenos Aires where we plan to see the city, take some tango lessons, meet a tango musician 			friend of our daughter, meet with some OLPC-sur folks, and eat a lot of beef, and shop

Jan 27-29	Trip to Iguazu Falls, hike in the hot steamy jungle, see lots of birds 	and other wildlife, enjoy 			the fantastic waterfalls, cool off in the hotel pool, and shop

Jan 29-31	Back for the "last tango in Buenos Aires" and shopping.

Jan 31		Board cruise ship for 2 week trip around "the horn" to Valparaiso

Feb 1		Montevideo Uruguay: meet with some of the folks from Project Ceibal, including Rosamel 			whose wonderful blog provided 2 of the stories I wrote for Class Acts., and go shopping

Feb 2		At sea

Feb 3		Puerto Madryn AR: visit a penguin colony at Punta Tambo. Wonder if the penguins are selling  			anything?

Feb 4		At sea

Feb 5		Port Stanley in the Falklands/Malvines (if weather permits) getting colder. Shop?

Feb 6		Very special day at sea... around "the horn" Expect very cold weather

Feb 7		Ushuaia AR... visit Tierra Fuego NP including the "post office at the end of the world," also 			hunt for the southernmost geocache in the Americas (maybe drop off a travel bug). Sail the 			Beagle Channel in the late afternoon. Still cold. Shoping

Feb 8		Punta Arenas Chile... hire a guide and explore. Probably still cold. Shopping.

Feb 9		At sea in the Strait of Magellan

Feb 10		At sea in the Chilean Fjords

Feb 11		Puerto Chacabuco Chile... same latitude as Montana, except south
			possibly visit a small town or national park. Maybe a little warmer, but not much. Shop

Feb 12		Puerto Montt Chile... possible visit to Chiloé (island) or small town. Shop

Feb 13		At sea

Feb 14-15	Arrive in Valparaiso Chile... stay 2 days, unwind and thaw out on the beach, tour historic city 			and museums, Shop

Feb 16-17 	Take tour van to Santiago for overnight flight back to the US

Feb 17-18	Decompress at home

Feb 19-21	SCaLE 8X at Westin LAX (if I can do it, why can't you guys?) Shop?
So, my suitcase is getting filled up with everything from shorts and bathing suits to balaclavas and silk "long johns", hiking boots to dance shoes, and everything in between, and there is a 50 lb limit! 
So you see, I'm kidding about the shopping. I won't have room to bring much home in that suitcase will I?  I do hope to find a really good book about the birds of South America in Buenos Aires and maybe a few tiny artisanal items along the way. And, of course, we will bring home lots of photos.

Any ideas of other people or places I should try to see along the way?


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