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Subject: Ubuntu-Sugar-Remix weekly Status: 10.04-alpha1 release
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Hey all,

I am a couple of day ahead of schedule on the 10.04-alpha1 release of
Ubuntu-Sugar-Remix. The release can be downloaded from
http://people.sugarlabs.org/dfarning/ and copied to a usb memory stick
using standard iso tools.

This is a very early alpha.  It is based on putting Sugar 0.87.2 on
top of Ubuntu 10.04-alpha1.  The focus of this release is two fold:
1. Developing and testing the release process.
2. Developing and improving the bug workflow.

Release process--
Currently, the release is built using a custom script to modify the
the Ubuntu-netbook release.

Bug work-flow--
We have cleaned up the Ubuntu sugarteam (
https://launchpad.net/~sugarteam ) as maintainers of the following
packages ( https://launchpad.net/sugar/+packages ) .

Over the next couple of day we should be able to transfer
maintainership of all of the Sugar related packages being synced from
debian ( https://launchpad.net/~debian-olpc-devel/+maintained-packages

--Special Thanks--
Tomeu, Sacha, and alsroot From Sugar Labs for their great work over
the last couple of years.
Jonas from the Debian project for maintaining the Sugar Packages.

--The Challenge--
I would like to ask that everyone interested in seeing Sugar on Ubuntu
make a commitment to report, triage, or fix one bug per week.

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