[IAEP] FW: SugarLabs Booth at SCaLE 8X?

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 2 15:02:06 EST 2010

Hi Walter, Mel, Caroline, Sameer, Scott, and everyone else... 

Here is an offer we can't refuse! There is no way I can do a separate booth for SugarLabs, but had planned to do it in combination with the OLPC booth.  

However, they are offering us a second free booth for SugarLabs right next to the OLPC booth at this large, prestigeus (sp?) Linux Expo (they even know about it in New Zealand!). This would ideally be done by someone with experience writing Linux code for Sugar Activities and someone with extensive experience with SoaS both on usb and live cd.  BYO Laptops!

I am cutting my trip to South America short by a few days to do this. Surely, some of you can scrape up a few $$$ to come to sunny SoCal?  Maybe SWA has a sale?  Maybe someone has FF miles? Maybe you could "pool" some of your FF miles?

Just think... hundreds of Linux developers will be there!  Many are very interested in Sugar and the XO. 

Mel and Caroline, if you decide to come, there is a special "Women In Open Source" track and  an "Education Track"on Friday. You could both do presentations.  I have signed up to do an overview type presentation in the Education Track. Everything else, including the exhibits, starts on Saturday. 

Think about it... we need to get back with Gareth Greenaway if we want the second booth.

Please pass this on to anyone else who should receive a copy!
Gareth's message follows:

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> Re: SCaLE8X
> Hi Caryl,
> Just wanted to point out first off that the exhibit hall isn't open on Friday.  Just Saturday and Sunday, so if you wanted to submit a talk for one of the Friday events there wouldn't be a conflict.  Exhibitors can setup their booths on Friday, but the attendees do not have access to them until Saturday morning.
> You might also considering hosting a Birds of a Feather sessions?  That might be a good way to get the word out about OLPC & SugarLabs, in a less formal environment.
> Will the OLPC booth at SCALE be a combined booth for both OLPC & SugarLabs?  Or do you think SugarLabs would be interested in their own booth?  We would have it next to the OLPC booth.
> Thanks!
> Gareth
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