[IAEP] [POLL] Non Sugar Platform activities in Activity Library

James Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 15:59:54 EST 2010

Regarding Java, I have used and developed Java apps on hardware that
is not much more powerful than the XO-1.  Given a choice between Java
and Flash I'd rather have people developing in Java.  While 55 meg is
a lot on the XO-1 on SoaS or the XO 1.5 it isn't that bad.  I think
the real question here is do we support creating "pure Java"
Activities, and what benefit there would be to doing that.  Much of
the Java software we'd like to support might be in the form of
applets.  We could certainly allow Browse to support applets without
providing a pure Java Activity framework.  We could also distribute
such applets in the form of Activities that use hulahop, like Social
Calc and the Karma apps do.

I've programmed in Java for many years and I'd have to say that Java
IDEs seem to be more powerful than Eric but I prefer Python as a
language and a development platform.  My proposal would be to treat
Java as a less objectionable alternative to Flash.  You would not be
able to write a first class Activity in it, but you could create a
non-collaborating applet run by hulahop and distribute it on ASLO.

James Simmons

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