[IAEP] XO-1.5 Book Sprint: Wkd Mch 27/28 in Washington DC -- GET STARTED!

Holt holt at laptop.org
Sat Feb 27 22:49:05 EST 2010

Do you believe in /Clean, Helpful/ documentation and open source tools??

Mike Lee has inspired us to overhaul and beef up Walter Bender's very 
elegant Javascript-based "Getting Started" guide here: 
http://laptop.org/start (if Walter permits ;) for the imminent release 
of the XO-1.5 -- in several languages -- all in one fast weekend!

Please all RSVP if you can join the party!!  Think about the most 
talented writers/screenshot/Photoshop artists you know -- we'd LOVE to 
invite them -- even if they're 16-years-old like Luke in which case no 
Saturday night drinks & dancing for you ;)

Jeff Elkner and his principal have generously offered to host us 9am to 
7pm Saturday & Sunday at Arlington, Virginia's beautiful Career Center, 
1+ mile W. of the Pentagon.  /Please subscribe to 
library at lists.laptop.org and join us jumpstarting OLPC/Sugar learning 
around the world -- by reviewing all details here:/

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