[IAEP] dual boot W7 - maybe OT

Kevin Kirton kpkirton at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 21:29:06 EDT 2010

Just an extra point on the graph:

I'm using an emachines laptop that came preinstalled with Windows 7
(64-bit). I now have it dual-booting with Ubuntu 9.10 and I haven't
had any trouble with the GRUB that was installed with Ubuntu. I've
also been able to use the Fedora liveusbcreator 3.8.6 in Windows with
soas-2-blueberry to make about a dozen SoaS usb sticks without too
much trouble so far (couldn't work with one stick that had been
formatted on a Mac).

Kevin Kirton

> Tom, or other W 7 victims, Mario Cesar from Ubuntu Bolivia list is
> trying to help  a friend whose dual-boot system gets mangled everytime
> she uses W 7.

> He needs to figure out how to stop W 7 from destroying the GRUB

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