[IAEP] dual boot W7 - maybe OT

Yamandu Ploskonka yamaplos at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 12:48:20 EDT 2010

Tom, or other W 7 victims, Mario Cesar from Ubuntu Bolivia list is 
trying to help  a friend whose dual-boot system gets mangled everytime 
she uses W 7.  I am adding him to the thread (and encouraging him to 
sign up for IAEP, he has been quite active with OLPC / OLE / Sugar 
stuffs in Santa Cruz, Bolivia).

He needs to figure out how to stop W 7 from destroying the GRUB

(if it weren't his involvement with Sugar I would not send this through 
this list - apologies if this is seen as OT)

> I have been fighting Windows 7 and liveusb-creator on my new acer 
> aspire one net-book.
> I have always used it in fedora linux before where it is dead simple 
> to use....

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