[IAEP] dual boot W7 - maybe OT

Mario César Señoranis Ayala mariocesar.c50 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 10:33:05 EDT 2010

On 25/04/10 21:29, Kevin Kirton wrote:
> Just an extra point on the graph:
> I'm using an emachines laptop that came preinstalled with Windows 7
> (64-bit). I now have it dual-booting with Ubuntu 9.10 and I haven't
> had any trouble with the GRUB that was installed with Ubuntu. I've
> also been able to use the Fedora liveusbcreator 3.8.6 in Windows with
> soas-2-blueberry to make about a dozen SoaS usb sticks without too
> much trouble so far (couldn't work with one stick that had been
> formatted on a Mac).
> Kevin Kirton
> Australia
>> Tom, or other W 7 victims, Mario Cesar from Ubuntu Bolivia list is
>> trying to help  a friend whose dual-boot system gets mangled everytime
>> she uses W 7.


I get to a Solution, As Kevin the laptop I am trying to install Ubuntu 
is preinstaled with Windows Seven. I am guessing that it tries to 
recover the partition table every time find something different on boot.

Disable that test, would fix that and you can install Ubuntu Normally. I 
search and found many ways to do that, for me all don't work. W7 Stills 
do that annoying test. Could be also but I am not sure, that the boot 
manager is installed on a different partition.

The Solution that work for me was not to install the Grub, and use the 
Boot Manager from W7 to choose between W7 and Ubuntu.

Here is the Tutorial I follow http://neosmart.net/wiki/display/EBCD/Ubuntu

You need to use EasyBCD a free software (free as in beer), to then tell 
W7 that ubuntu exist on your machine.

It works just fine.

I would like to all to know that this would only happen with some OEM 
installation, in my case a Dell Inspiron. Reinstalling Windows Seven and 
deleting the rescue partition, and then install Ubuntu, it's also a 

Best Regards

Mario César Señoranis Ayala

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