[IAEP] Proposed book on Reading and Publishing for Sugar

James Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 11:55:53 EDT 2010

I'm still polishing up "Make Your Own Sugar Activities!" but I'm
thinking about doing another book and I've lined up some possible
collaborators.  The subject will be Reading and Sugar.  It won't just
describe the use of the various reading Activities (but that will be
included), it will be a complete as possible guide to getting the most
out of Sugar as a platform for reading e-books.  Only a few of the
chapters will be Sugar-specific, so it should be possible to remix it
to make a book about finding and creating e-books in general.

Topics will include e-book formats and the pros and cons of each,
where to get free e-books, what Activities to use for reading,
creating your own e-books with free tools, scanning public domain
books so they may be donated to Project Gutenberg and the Internet
Archive, copyright laws and licenses, etc.

When you set up "Make Your Own Sugar Activities!" you set up a bunch
of empty chapters.  We're still working on the chapter outline so I'd
prefer just an Introduction chapter and a Credits chapter to begin
with.  The website only handles three word titles so maybe "Reading
and Sugar" would do as a title for now.

Please let me know what you think.

James Simmons

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