[IAEP] SoaS Almost Passes the "Teacher Test"... but not quite.

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 16 03:14:42 EDT 2010

Hi George and All,

Thanks to George's patience and persistence and all of the hints you sent,  I finally got the image-writer-mac program to work and make a SoaS usb stick. We used the method where we dragged the files over from a finder window to the terminal window.

 I feel sure it is good, but I don't have a handy PC to try it on and there is a funny problem trying to boot it on the MacBook with the help of the Boot Helper CD. I got that same fateful sounding  "sleeping forever" message that someone else got earlier in the week.

The MacBook, requires a boot helper disk that looks for a usb stick named FEDORA.  I suspect they wrote it that way so it can also be used with Strawberry and with other future versions of SoaS. However, this stick is named  "soas-2-blueberry", not FEDORA.

Well  I tried to rename the usb stick "FEDORA" when it was finished so I could use it on the MacBook, but, try as I may, I cannot change the name.  I even tried it on Ed's computer too (a G4 Powerbook) with no luck.  I can change the name of any other file or other usb stick, but not this one.  It is apparently "soas-2-blueberry", forever.

I even tried another tack.  I changed the name of the "soas-2-blueberry.iso" file to "FEDORA.iso" before going to terminal to run the image-writer-mac program again and make another stick.  It still wrote the name as "soas-2-blueberry". So now, I have made 2 SoaS usb drives I can probably use on PCs, but not on Macs.

Finally, I tried the method one of you put up a few days ago where you boot holding down the C key, then the Tab, then change the instructions in the edit mode. While this did work, it is definitely not "Teacher-friendly."

If someone could figure out a way to change the name of the usb stick from "soas-2-blueberry" to FEDORA somewhere along the way when making the SoaS stick, we would have something that definitely would meet the "teacher test."  I repeat, all usual methods failed.  Any ideas??? 

I still have 8 days before InfoTech.

BTW, The choice of "Name" and color combination did not persist from boot to boot.

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