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Thomas C Gilliard satellit at bendbroadband.com
Fri Sep 18 22:26:59 EDT 2009

I just discovered a nice feature of rawhide nightly builds

test F12 for dd functionality

dd if=education-i386-20090917.16.iso of=/dev/sdg bs=4k
402432+0 records in
402432+0 records out
1648361472 bytes (1.6 GB) copied, 233.045 s, 7.1 MB/s
to a 4GB SD creates a bootable SD of gnome and F11.93
and a whole collection of educational apps.

Plus:sugar-emulator brings up sugar-desktop.
this is a live system so it corrupts if a full update is attempted.

Uses 63% of 4 GB SD.

Is this sugar on a stick?
 Sugar Desktop plus Gnome on a stick.

It has live system and Fedora F12 but....

This one I am unsure of the answer. What do you think?

Thomas C Gilliard wrote:
> Martin Dengler wrote:
>> On Fri, Sep 18, 2009 at 02:54:30PM -0400, Bill Bogstad wrote:
>>> There seems to be a lack of consensus of what SoaS actually is or
>>> what it's goals (use cases) should be.
>> I'd like to say I see your point, but across the internet that's a
>> dangerous thing to say in the face of the somewhat amusing ambiguigty
>> of trying to talk about "that thing whose identity we can't agree
>> upon".
>> When I say "SoaS" I mean the direct result of the build process using
>> a version of the code contained in
>> http://cgit.sugarlabs.org/soas/mainline , which I believe a) is what
>> Sebastian Dziallas means by "SoaS", and b) what Chris Ball means by
>> "SoaS-Fedora".  So let there be no ambiguity about that.
>> "SoaS" in this sense is something worked on by a few people but
>> clearly led by Sebastien and supported by a host of SL and non-SL
>> people.
>> If you wish to point out that "consensus of what SoaS is is lacking
>> amongst many people that haven't helped with SoaS (not Sugar) except
>> by perhaps proferring opinions about how it should be
>> built/used/marketed/designed", well, I can't think of much
>> constructive to say.  There's a place for that consensus-building, but
>> it's not this thread.
>> If you wish to change the subject, let's change the subject line as is
>> customary.
>>>>> I ... don't think we can leave Sugar LiveUSB to any distribution.
>>>> What is "Sugar LiveUSB"?  Is it SoaS?
>>> That's my question.
>> Ok, so the autistic answer is: Sugar LiveUSB does exist - or rather,
>> at least two things calling themselves that do.  Look at the second
>> and third google hit for 'sugar live usb' (no quotes). A
> I just tested this hour:
> http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Education/images/iso/openSUSE-Sugar-live-unstable.i686-0.2.0-Build5.1.iso 
> it can be used as a CD with sugar 0.84.2 or as a live USB by doing the 
> command from root terminal:
> ==================
> dd if=openSUSE-Sugar-live-unstable.i686-0.2.0-Build5.1.iso of=/dev/sdg 
> bs=4k
> 104704+0 records in
> 104704+0 records out
> 428867584 bytes (429 MB) copied, 34.6956 s, 12.4 MB/s
> ===================
> you get a live usb of sugar in that much time!
> this is still not Soas but "opensuse Live Sugar Desktop on a Stick" 
> (with 50 applications)
> (cyberorg and nubae did this work.)
>> sugar-live-image-built-on-opensuse (I don't know the name) exists.  I
>> am certain there are other
>> sugar-live-image-built-from-some-big-linux-distros but also don't know
>> their names.  A quick google search shows a number of promising
>> results.
>> "What is SoaS?" is either tautological or confusing.  I appreciate
>> that some of the implications I think you want to raise are issues
>> that can be usefully discussed but I think if we attempt to fork off a
>> broad discusion from a specific and big discussion and cover wide
>> stretches of unfamiliar ground no constructive progress is going to be
>> made.  So let's discuss precise questions in the appropriate forums.
>>> So far Strawberry (and it's variants, successors) is the only
>>> LiveUSB environment that I know of that makes Sugar the default UI
>> I mention some others above.
>>> If someone takes any of a number of other LiveUSB environments and
>>> makes Sugar the default, will that be SoaS (but not Strawberry)[?]
>> Not at present as far as I'm concerned.  I'm not anybody with much of
>> a claim to that name, but I suspect even those that do would answer
>> the same.
>>> Maybe Sugoppix? :-)
>> Heh.
>>> I hope that I have clarified somewhat.
>> Thanks.  Likewise.
>>> Bill Bogstad
>> Martin
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