[IAEP] 2 idea's to train people dyslexia

Marten Vijn info at martenvijn.nl
Wed Sep 16 03:34:15 EDT 2009


I am not a dyslexia expert, maybe a bit more that average.

idea 1
Today I read in a newspaper that it helps people
to let them hear what they (words not the characters).

People made commerial software for and improved really
the performance of kids. 

idea 2
typetrainers (learning to type with 10 fingers)
tend to teach character by character . 
Teaching by words would be way better since people 
use the word image (not the character by character scanning)

idea 3
I combination of 1 and 2 maybe creates new use cases
in developed countrys like mine. 

A remix of speak (like a always on button) would do a major job I think



Marten Vijn
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